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n Intelligen■ce think tank i■n June, 570●,000 positions w〓ill need to be fil●led in lea◆gue manage○ment, medi◆a production,● data mining,〓 commentating〓 and traini○ng. It also

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said● 85 percent of ○positions in th〓e industry we●re understaf■fed.Fourteen year〓s ago, Communica●tion Unive◆rsity of Ch●ina became one o●f the first colle〓ges in the country ◆t

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o offer degre〓es in game de●sign, and ●it added an e-s■ports-dedica●ted subject, dig●ital media art, l●ast year aim

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e●d at furthe〓r developing ga●ming management an●d design ta◆lent.The Shanghai ●Theater Academy,◆ meanwhile, is offe○ring an e-sports co○mmentating■ course. Forty stu〓dents signed up ◆for its la〓unch in the fal○l.Among all t

he univ■ersities offer●ing e-sports class○es, Peking Univers■ity has received ●the most attenti○on.Chen Jian●g, associate ○professor at Pe●king Universit◆y’s Schoo〓l of Electronics Eng○ineering and C◆o

mputer Science,● started an e-sp●orts class ■in the spring sem〓ester that 〓proved extrem●ely popular.■“The class ○was originally des○igned for 120 studen○ts, but about 1◆60 showed up on t○he first d■ay,” Che

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